Wadu Volunteer placements

Environment & Agriculture

Wadu Volunteer has a land where the volunteers can do some cleaning and gardening and try to grow vegetables without pesticides.

wadu volunteer school placement

School Teaching & Mentors

The schools are in need of volunteers to help kids with English, to show them the world as the majority does not have access to the Internet.

wadu volunteer sports

Sports Trainers

Sports play a big part in the kids’ life in Ghana, specifically football (which we call soccer). In conjunction with the volunteers in environment

wadu volunteer opharnage


While you are in Ghana, you can visit some orphanages and spend the day with the kids. With few cedis, you can bring them food

wadu volunteer construction & renovation

Construction & Renovation​

Wadu Volunteer was involved in the renovation of a school. The school was painted in two days with other Ghanaians


Clinic & Hospitals​

We need volunteers in clinics and hospitals to help the medical staff. Their duties have to be discussed with the clinics themselves.