School Teaching

School Teaching & Mentors

Education fosters the growth of the next generation, and Ghana is in need of passionate volunteers in schools willing to help kids have a bright future. The schools are in need of volunteers to help kids with English and to show them the world, as the majority do not have access to the Internet.

Whether you are interested in volunteer teaching abroad programs or looking for volunteer teaching opportunities, the Kindergartens to 7th grade are waiting for you. They are eager to learn, and the little you can bring them might change the way they see their future. You do not have to be teachers, but ideas of outside games, drafting of little stories that can be written and read in the class on the blackboard, helping one-on-one with the reading and writing.

Your experience with kids will be one of the best experiences you will ever have, and it can change your life like it did for a lot of volunteers and will have a big impact on the kids. So, why not join hands with us and be the light of hope for hundreds of students in Ghana? Contact us to learn more about volunteer opportunities.