Join Our Volunteer Program in Nkawkaw, Ghana

We are excited to announce that our volunteer program will begin on July 1st, 2023. The Nkawkaw-based charity is in need of volunteers. We want to work with the Salvation Army’s Nkawkaw office on various projects. The Assembly of Nkawkaw is thrilled to have our group in its city as further projects are on the list. We have already begun by painting one school. There is a need, and we are depending on YOU to come to fill it.

AS A NEW ORGANIZATION, WE HAVE NOT YET BEEN RATED. We are confident that you will enjoy the city, the lodging, the staff, and the activities. A FEW OF YOU WILL WANT TO RETURN AND ASSIST US IN DEVELOPING. Because we are the most affordable in Ghana, everyone can afford it. Typically, the volunteering is done from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. If you want to travel somewhere, we can assist you in planning an itinerary.

The homes where you will reside are now being built by our team. The location is heavily guarded. One of the projects that the volunteers and Ghanaians can work on is the trail leading to the mountain. Since we plan to have a garden made by volunteers to produce vegetables without pesticides as an option for residents of Nkawkaw, this project will benefit the neighborhood and youngsters.

Ideas will be brought by the volunteers who come to assist us. No concept will be turned down, and we’ll try to figure out how to make it a reality.

Everyone is welcome, including retirees who may lend their skills and have a life-changing experience. Workers who wish to assist with construction and remodeling projects are also welcome. Students who want to travel for little money while supporting the Nkawkaw community are also welcome. It’s rewarding to give. Why don’t you come as a couple?

Three 3-bedroom houses are being built for the volunteers. We’ll make sure that each person’s needs are taken into account. We shall respect the need for privacy of those who request it.

As we want to be the least expensive organization in Ghana, we will only accept CASH as payment upon arrival. We do not want to pay any bank or credit card fees. You may find our coordinates under CONTACT, either by email or WhatsApp. We hope you will have a wonderful time and will return.

We provide services in Twi, French, and English.

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