Ghana Volunteer Work

Are you seeking a special chance to support important work while pursuing your love of international travel? One of the friendliest and most tranquil nations in Africa is Ghana. As the people of Ghana fill your heart with their generosity, a plethora of social projects will welcome your volunteer activities. Learn more about the various ways you may give back to your community and volunteer in Ghana. You can assist with educational programmes, childcare efforts, building projects, and animal care activities. You’ve found the best location to look for motivational volunteer opportunities in Ghana!

There are many volunteer options available in Ghana, one of the safest nations in Africa to volunteer. Below are some frequently asked questions.

Why Choose Ghana

Ghana is the ideal place to begin your exploration of this continent. Ghana has one of the most developed economies in Africa thanks in large part to its stable political system, distinctive exports, and well-built infrastructure. But despite the economy's expansion, poverty continues to be a serious problem. Volunteer in Ghana to aid local teams with their charitable endeavours and elevate living standards there.

Even though political agreements over the previous few decades allowed Ghana to make significant economic progress, it is still a developing nation that requires assistance from volunteers. Volunteer in Ghana to aid the country's present predicament through healthcare projects for community development, animal welfare and protection of wildlife. Also, working with kids is the finest method to expose them to the outside world and be a part of their development into adults.

Volunteers are also required to help the neighbourhood community develop schools. You may contribute to school capacity expansion and building reconstruction. As a result, more kids will be able to enrol in school, increasing the number of kids who can access education.

Construction efforts in Ghana also prioritise housing for underprivileged neighbourhoods. Are you willing to get dirty in order to give families a roof over their heads? You can be sure that these families will always appreciate you meeting their fundamental needs.

We offer plots of land where volunteers can grow vegetables. The grounds are still in a rough state as it was never used as a garden and all experiments can be made. There is a fruit tree garden on the premises such bananas, mango, coconut, banana, etc. More will be planted. There is a trail to the mountain that can be fixed for better hikes. There is a snail farm on the premises and chickens will live freely.

An educational effort supported by volunteers will have a significant impact on Ghana's future. Volunteer instructors in Ghana will concentrate on supporting educational programmes that provide local kids with the chance to go to school. The secret to a community's successful development is education.

It is quite beneficial for natives to have good English abilities when looking for work in Ghana. Your assistance is crucial since you are an international volunteer who teaches English to kids. Depending on your level of English proficiency, you can assist kids with simple English assignment that helps students improve their conversational abilities while introducing more difficult grammar concepts.

Nkawkaw is a city that needs the help of volunteers. Volunteers were active in Nkawkaw 20 years ago. Now a new programme is opening to help Nkawkaw’s community. Nkawkaw can reach Accra and Kumasi by road in approximately 2 hours.
If you are interested in interacting with Ghanaians in a rural community, Nkawkaw is the place. A lot of projects for volunteers are available: in schools, in construction, the environment. If volunteers have other options, we will open new projects. This organization is new and all the help the volunteers can give us is welcome. Together we will build a strong organization.

We offer the cheapest programme in Ghana. The costs of everything went up due to inflation but we offer accommodation for $55 US a week, all included. You will have personal expenses, such as taxis (the costs of taxis went up due to the cost of gas), food in the local market (the price went up too) or food prepared by Ghanaian women. WiFi will be provided for a little cost. We will be able to buy beer or beverages at the accommodation at cost. You can count on approximately $15 US a day for personal expenses.

We are only accepting cash upon arrival. You reserve your spot by getting in touch with paul@waduvolunteer.com or monique@waduvolonteer.com. You say when you want to come and for how long and we will provide you with the amount that you should pay on arrival. If you change your mind, no problem as there is no cancellation fee. But if you come, you have to confirm it so we will send someone to pick you up at the airport.

Where Will I Be Living

You will be living in a completely new 3-house building located in front of the mountain. Each house can accommodate 6 people. It has a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, a bathroom with running water, and a fully equipped kitchen. There is a well so no shortage of water. There will be brand new appliances and cooking pots and pans, utensils, and dishes. Everything for the volunteers to cook their meals.
There will be a firepit outside where the volunteers can sit and have a drink at night.
For your security, there is a 6-foot wall surrounding the property, with 3 gates and no one has access except the volunteers and some authorized personnel.