Environment & Agriculture

Agriculture and Environmental Volunteer Opportunities.

Agriculture constitutes a big part of Ghana’s GDP. However, there is still an abundance of land that needs to be utilized for creating sustainable food resources for the betterment of the local community. This is where YOU come in.

Wadu Volunteer has a land where the volunteers can do some cleaning and gardening and try to grow vegetables without pesticides.

Wadu Volunteer placements

This will help the future grow, and if it works well, we will get more land for volunteers to experiment. Compost can also be started for the environment. All the ideas of the volunteers will be welcome. There is also a trail to the mountain that can be fixed by planting trees.

We want the organization to be there for a long time, and all improvements done by the volunteers can serve the community. There are fruit trees on the premises, and WADU VOLUNTEER intends to plant more. So, if you are looking to volunteer in agriculture or environmental domains, we invite you to join our cause. Let’s work on something meaningful and change the lives of people, together.