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At WADU VOLUNTEER, anyone is invited to volunteer. The only prerequisite is rudimentary English. In all assignments, the community will value your willingness to support children and contribute to Ghana’s development.


You can take part in this journey with us. Your travels will be fruitful in terms of education, building, orphanages, sports, the environment, and agriculture. Nonetheless, you can take advantage of Ghana’s beauty and all of its activities in your free time at the beaches, museums, markets, and safaris. For the volunteers to get the most out of their time in Ghana, we have something special planned. For those who merely want to visit for a day, there are various activities close to Nkawkaw.

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You can also reach us by WhatsApp at +233 57 6638980 or +1 438 879-1244, or by email at (for English) or (for English and French). We will be happy to respond to all of your inquiries.