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WADU VOLUNTEER is a newly established organization based in Nkawkaw, Ghana, aimed at supporting the local community. The community in Nkawkaw faces numerous challenges, including needs in education, healthcare, orphan care, environmental protection, tutoring, and agriculture. We welcome volunteers from all corners of the world to join us in making a difference..Read More

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Wadu Volunteer Assures

Low Fees

Our fees are the lowest in Ghana, ensuring you get the best value for your money. Choose us for low fees and high-quality service.

Shared Accommodation

Stay in one of our newly constructed volunteer houses with a mountain view and all-inclusive utilities.

Support Staff

Experience true cultural immersion by interacting with Ghanaians on a daily basis, including drivers, cooks, and cleaning staff.

High Security

Ensuring the safety and security of our volunteers is our top priority. We provide high-level security measures to ensure peace of mind.

Volunteer Placement

Wadu Volunteer Opportunities – Volunteering in Ghana.

Ghana is known as one of the most peaceful and friendliest countries in Africa. Wadu Volunteer offers different volunteer programs in Africa, particularly in Nkawkaw, Ghana, such as helping in schools and preparing small stories to help children read and speak English.

Wadu Volunteer placements

Environment & Agriculture

Wadu Volunteer has a land where the volunteers can do some cleaning and gardening and try to grow vegetables without pesticides.

wadu volunteer school placement

School Teaching & Mentors

The schools are in need of volunteers to help kids with English, to show them the world as the majority does not have access to the Internet.

wadu volunteer sports

Sports Trainers

Sports play a big part in the kids’ life in Ghana, specifically football (which we call soccer). In conjunction with the volunteers in environment

wadu volunteer opharnage


While you are in Ghana, you can visit some orphanages and spend the day with the kids. With few cedis, you can bring them food

wadu volunteer construction & renovation

Construction & Renovation​

Wadu Volunteer was involved in the renovation of a school. The school was painted in two days with other Ghanaians


Clinic & Hospitals​

We need volunteers in clinics and hospitals to help the medical staff. Their duties have to be discussed with the clinics themselves.

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Why Choose Ghana

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to combine your passion for traveling abroad with the chance to support meaningful work? Volunteer in Africa and get the chance to work hands-on in the community, making a real difference in the lives of people.

At Wadu Volunteer, we are on a mission to serve the people of Ghana with healthcare, education, infrastructure, orphan care, environmental protection, tutoring, and agriculture needs. So, whether you are looking for family volunteer abroad programs or want to change real lives, we invite you to join our hands.

Ghana is known as one of the most peaceful and friendliest countries in Africa. An abundance of social projects will welcome your volunteering efforts with open arms as the people of Ghana warm your heart with their kindness. Find out more about the many ways to volunteer in Ghana and contribute to the local community. Teaching programs, childcare projects, construction, and animal care initiatives all need your help.

Discover “Africa for beginners” with its gorgeous beaches, colonial cities, and natural wonders by volunteering in Ghana.

volunteer in Ghana.

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    Why Choose Ghana

    Ghana is the ideal place to begin your exploration of this continent. Ghana has one of the most developed economies in Africa thanks in large part to its stable political system, distinctive exports, and well-built infrastructure. But despite the economy's expansion, poverty continues to be a serious problem. Volunteer in Ghana to aid local teams with their charitable endeavours and elevate living standards there.

    Nkawkaw is a city that needs the help of volunteers. Volunteers were active in Nkawkaw 20 years ago. Now, a new programme is opening to help Nkawkaw’s community. Nkawkaw can reach Accra and Kumasi by road in approximately 2 hours.

    If you are interested in interacting with Ghanaians in a rural community and looking for the cheapest volunteer in Ghana opportunities, Nkawkaw is the place.

    We offer the cheapest programme in Ghana. The costs of everything went up due to inflation but we offer accommodation for $55 US a week, all included. You will have personal expenses, such as taxis (the costs of taxis went up due to the cost of gas), food in the local market (the price went up too) or food prepared by Ghanaian women. WiFi will be provided for a little cost. We will be able to buy beer or beverages at the accommodation at cost. You can count on approximately $15 US a day for personal expenses.

    We are only accepting cash upon arrival. You reserve your spot by getting in touch with paul@waduvolunteer.com or monique@waduvolonteer.com. You say when you want to come and for how long and we will provide you with the amount that you should pay on arrival. If you change your mind, no problem as there is no cancellation fee. But if you come, you have to confirm it so we will send someone to pick you up at the airport.

    You will be living in a completely new 3-house building located in front of the mountain. Each house can accommodate 6 people. It has a bedroom, a living room, a dining room, a bathroom with running water, and a fully equipped kitchen. There is a well so no shortage of water. There will be brand new appliances and cooking pots and pans, utensils, and dishes. Everything for the volunteers to cook their meals.
    There will be a firepit outside where the volunteers can sit and have a drink at night.

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